Hydrogen Link is located in Montreal (St-Laurent), Quebec, Canada. The laboratory is just five minutes from the Montréal’s International Airport (Pierre Trudeau Airport - Dorval).

Hydrogen Link employs state-of-the-art research and testing equipment. The laboratories are fully equipped with instruments and techniques to synthesize and test catalysts and hydrides; analytical equipment to characterize these materials. In addition, we have a workshop to build custom-designed instruments and experimental setups essential to the development of Hydrogen Link’s technology.

     x-ray diffractometer        Glove box high purity      

    TGA DSC analyzer     Chemistry lab     Automated gas titration system

           Infrared spectrometer         Stereo microscopy

                                                   Gas titration apparatus


Please contact us with inquires related  to cooperation and purchase of our catalysts: Contact for Inquiry or contact@hydrogenlink.com