Wastewater remediation and water purification



Clean water is the crucial commodity. Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal tool for water purification, because it does not introduce any harmful chemicals such as bleach or chlorine and decomposes into water and oxygen, according to the reaction:

2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2

Catalyzed decomposition of H2O2 results in the abundant formation of hydroxide radicals which are extremely powerful in oxidation reactions. The resulting hydroxyl radicals in fast and efficient elimination of all  types of pollutants: biomass, organic matter, chemicals, dyes (even azo dyes), phenol, industrial wastes. Hydrogen Link's process cleans and disinfects water without introducing any harsh chemicals and does not affect solution pH (unlike Fenton reagents). The catalyst is heterogeneous, which means that it will not be dissolved in water and can can be remove and reused. Hydroxyl radicals are very short-lived (of the order of nanoseconds) therefore they do not remain in the water after the treatment. 

Theatment of heavy contaminated water with catalyzed hydrogen peroxide - advanced oxidation

Water Purification by Advanced Oxidation with Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide

DAIRY WASTE WATER contamination - clean water can be achieved in hours

   Treatment of organic dairy effluent - milk, cheese - by advanced oxidation

Water disinfection and decontamination by advanced oxidation

Toxic chemical contaminants can be eliminated by the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

Phenol Degradation by Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide 

Textile and food industry wastewater discoloration through dye degradation

Left: dye solutions before treatment. Right: after treatment.

Our catalyst  performance:

  • Extraordinary fast and powerful
  • Heterogeneous, solid state – can be recovered and repeatedly used
  • Does not introduce soluble ions (as Fenton methods do)
  • Works in the whole range of pH and also with stabilized H2O2


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