Natural Technologies


Natural technologies explore methods to synthesize materials without any use of petrochemical components, but instead are entirely made of natural, biological components that are renewable and sustainable.

Natural adhesives and polymers are being developed without any use of harmful or toxic solvents and cross-linking agents.

Natural glues are water-based and dry naturally, but exhibit elasticity and strength which competes with petrochemical adhesives. Based on proteinaceous components, Hydrogen Link develops functional materials that take advantage of unique properties of structural proteins — elastomeric properties with elongation exceeding 2000 %, combined with biocompatibility and bioresorbability.

Polymerization or cross-linking of amino acids was also developed, in order to be able to produce gels either of particular amino acids or their specific combinations. The amino acid polymerization method forms a variety of specialty hydro-gels and poly-condensates, based on various amino acid components. For example, gels of poly-lysine, poly-arginine, poly-alanine, or poly-glycine and their combinations have been developed

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