Natural Polymers

Hydrogen Link has developed a family of natural polymers with variable combinations of properties responding to a variety of bio-related applications. This material contains no petrochemical components or solvents and is water based. In its liquid form it has unique adhesive and fixative properties. Alternatively it can be formulated as a natural gel/thickener.

When dried, the compound forms elastic films, which (if needed) have remarkable affinity to skin with humectant ability. Hydrophilic properties of this polymer can be altered within a wide range - from water-soluble formulations to almost immiscible in water.

Our Natural Polymers can be shaped into various forms - thin films, foils, strips, fibers. The pictures below demonstrate extraordinary elastomeric properties of the polymer, which is able to become elongated more than 2000% and returns after releasing close to its initial size.

Stretching a natural polymer sample  Natural polymer stretching ability   

Flexibility demonstration of natural polymer




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