Natural Glue

Developed at Hydrogen Link, Natural Glue is an all-purpose adhesive or binder made of natural, renewable components that are approved as food ingredients. It adheres excellently to paper, cardboard, wood, fibers. It can be used very efficiently to bind paper or fabric to glass, china, glossy metal or any other polished, nonporous surface.

The glue is free of petrochemical components and yet its performance can replace and surpass common “white glue” (made of polyvinyl alcohol).

The glue is water-based, so the “drying” of the glue is based on water evaporation, without any use of harmful solvents or thinners.

The glue can be filled with powders of minerals or pigments, forming an opaque paint with excellent adherence to paper, colored either with pigments or water soluble dyes.

The glue is pourable with a constitution of thick honey, but its viscosity can be easily changed by the addition of water. When dry, it forms an elastic, non-brittle layer, and elasticity/stiffness ratio can be also adjusted by the glue formulation. The glue has a slightly yellowish, natural, transparent color, but it dries invisible when applied in a layer.

Brown Natural Glue is even stronger than Natural Glue and ideally replaces carpenter glue in applications with wood and all kinds of cellulosic fibers.

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